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Power Abuse in Religions

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An excellent example of a critical analysis paper by Chang-Ting.

De Kadt states that fundamentalist religions aim not to overcome the tensions between different aspects of race identities and not to restore it to an unambiguous oneness. The belief systems have powerful influenced the public and politics of nations worldwide. People of different faiths not only fight over their basic beliefs and land but they end in war. In the world today fundamentalist religions have all sorts of violence; it is like a wild fire when terrorism is the issue. If different religious fundamentalist groups don't have their mind's open, there would be disputed between people and countries on account of their faith. From historical teaching, religions have started wars, ended them, impacted, and persuaded people. Needless to say, beliefs are very influential on the world current days. World terrorism is very violent because there are different groups trying to express their own point of views. Many terrorist groups have been associated with religious ideologies. These show how religion can be a key instrument in World Terrorism from a variety of religions there is a variety of terrorism.

Global Warming: An Inconvenient Truth

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An excellent example of a student paper by Rayko Diaz.

Our world as we know it has been orbiting around the sun for over four billion years and has seen many changes. Mountains have formed from the shift of tectonic plates and America's fiftieth state appeared from the depths of the Pacific Ocean. Homo sapiens have only existed on Earth for around two hundred thousand years, a relatively young species in terms of four billion years of life. Yet, in this small amount of time we have been the most destructive force our planet has ever seen. I believe global warming in part is an adverse effect of the development of human civilization. Before us the world went through its cycle of changes, but now it seems the balance of the Earth is in our hands.