About Rowan Wolf

Academic Information
I have my doctorate in Sociology from the University of Oregon and have been teaching sociology since 1992. My specialized areas of interest are systems of inequality (particularly race, class, and sex); globalization; organizations; and culture and socialization. I have done research and writing in my specialized areas with extensions into family, law, and conflict sources and resolution.

Teaching Philosophy
I love sociology and am passionate about teaching it. I believe that sociology is one of the most important disciplines as it offers us insights into how the world around us works, how we are influenced and constrained by it, and how we might make reasoned decisions to create a better society. I believe that we learn the most when we are challenged and involved. Therefore, I encourage a high degree of participation from students in my classes. I also believe in the power of writing as a learning tool and my classes are structured so students do a reasonable amount of research and writing.

College Involvement and Mentoring
I am one of the faculty advisors for the Sylvania Native American Club, and for POET - Peak Oil Environmental-Justice Taskforce. I am on the committee for the Sylvania Annual Winter Powwow. I have good relationships, and work closely with, the Multicultural Center, Office for Students with Disabilities, SPIN, and the Women’s Resource Center. Students who are interested in advising in sociology or general academic advising are invited to contact me. I am also willing to serve as a mentor if students are interested.

Personal Information
I originally come from Kansas City Missouri. I come from a lower and working class background and survived the juvenile and foster family systems. I have been actively involved in social change movements and activities since 1972. I am committed to creating a world that honors diversity and ends oppression in all its many forms. I am committed to saving our natural environment and its inhabitants and I don’t believe we have the natural right to destroy or reshape the natural world.

I live with my partner (Kelly), and our three dogs (Cody, Fox, and Crow). We enjoy trips to the beach and mountains, reading, writing, music, and art. The dogs love to chase sticks and balls, go places where they can run and find new smells, and mud dogging. We all enjoy taking naps when the opportunity arises.