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January 5, 2010

Accessing the Electronic Version of Henslin

With your purchase of the Henslin text you automatically purchased access to the electronic version of the text. I recommend that everyone activate the ebook access.

During your registration you will be asked to "Join a Class" Use the appropriate course id to enter in the correct class.

Your Course ID: cm613138

When you go to access your ebook, enter the following ebook course id to access my ebook.

The eBook ID: Course ID: Wolf00458890eb.

There are a number of online resources that come with this text. We may need to use some of them if our school gets hit with H1N1 flu.

Purchasing the Electronic Version of Henslin

If you purchased the text, you automatically have access to the electronic online text. However you can purchase the electronic version only from the publisher. Here are the directions for doing that:

To purchase the EBOOK ONLY.
(Do NOT do this if you purchased the regular text and are tring to access the online text. For that you should use the card in the text and the codes I provided to you.)

Go to the site: www.mysoclab.com
Click on registering as a student

Click on 1st choice: Mysoclab

Click on I want to buy mysoclab with ebook

Click on Henslin 8e essentials

Follow registration process.......