January 1, 2012

Differences Between Sociology and Anthropology

Students sometimes wonder what the difference is between anthropology and sociology. Here is one attempt at an explanation.

Anthropology is the study of humankind and its culture in the past, present and future. This broad definition allows students to study anthropology as a social science and to pursue specific areas of interest such as archaeology (human cultures in the past), cultural anthropology (the study of modern cultures), linguistic anthropology (language, its history and development) and physical anthropology (including evolution, paleoanthropology, primatology and forensic science).

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August 6, 2010

Stereograms - Seeing beyond the image

Stereograms are 3D images hidden within another picture. In order to view the 3-D images. They are a picture within a picture. Gazing at the picture we see an image or picture. However, if we look just right, we see a totally different picture emerge. These types of images are also sometimes called "magic eye."

Here are a couple of links to examples:

Magic Eye image of the week

3d Stereogram examples

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February 22, 2010

Video on Structured Inequality

Here are links to the video "The House We Live In." that I showed (or tried to show) in class. The first link is to the entire 57 minute video, the second link is to the same video broken into 6 parts. If you have high speed access, then the first link will work fine for you. If you do not have high speed internet, then the 6 part video is the better way to go. In either case, you must enter user name wolf and password wolf.

Full 57 minute "House We Live In" (high speed modem)

6 part "House We Live In" (lower speed modem)

This video is part of a 3 part series called "Race: The Power of an Illusion".

November 15, 2009

Social Class In The News

Here are some articles that are pertinent to social class and the current economic situation.

UN investigator accuses US of shameful neglect of homeless:

UN special rapporteur says wealthy US ignoring deepening homeless crisis while pumping billions into bank rescues

A United Nations special investigator who was blocked from visiting the US by the Bush administration has accused the American government of pouring billions of dollars into rescuing banks and big business while treating as "invisible" a deepening homeless crisis.

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January 21, 2009

Economic Crisis - Subprime Mortgages

Some of you have expressed an interest in what happened in the financial markets, and particularly the sub-prime mortgage crisis. The link below points to a cartoon type explanation. I did not create this, but it does an amazingly good job of laying out the sub-prime portion in particular.

Warning: The language in this "explanation" may be offensive to some.

Subprime Primer

November 24, 2008

Hate Violence and Hate Groups

Here are additional resources on Hate violence and hate groups.

2006 Hate Crime Statistics US Dept. of Justice.

Map of Active Hate Groups Southern Poverty Law Center.

White extremists lash out over election of first black president. Howard Witt. LA Times. 11/23/2008. (or here)

The Ku Klux Klan is emerging from decades of disorganization and obscurity, and the turnaround is acutely evident -- more than 200 hate-related incidents have been reported since the Nov. 4 election.

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