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November 6, 2008

Clarification on Week 8 Readings

This is to clarify next week's readings and what you need to include in your journal.

First, I have removed one of the articles because apparently the site "went away" since the beginning of the term." The article I removed was "the End of the Age of Oil."

There is also material which is preparatory for the simulation.
You should read the "Cabinet Responsibilities and Scope" pdf file and the "Country Profiles". The "Cabinet and Advisor resources" will be pertinent when you get a cabinet position, so you do not need to read all of those.

You should do journal entries for the first two articles. You do not need to do them for the Cabinet Responsibilities, or Country Profiles (however, you might find it useful to make some personal notes from those 2 pdf documents.

I hope this clarifies things. Sorry for any confusion.