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Playing for Change

There are those times when the problems of the world and the problems of our lives seem almost too big to carry. We may search for a ray of hope, of positive energy. Well, here is one such journey. Playing For Change. Watch this and read on.

From YouTube

Playing for Change is the brain child of Mark Johnson, a film producer, who spent 10 years crisscrossing the world bringing musicians together for unity and peace. He made a film (soon to be released), and started the Playing for Change Foundation - a multimedia movement to "inspire and improve communities in need around the world through music."

Mark Johnson was interviewed by Bill Moyers for the 12/05/2008 program and I highly recommend watching the interview.

Playing for Change is also a member of Product Red which is a business initiative to raise awareness and money to support the work of The Global Fund. The Global Fund is fighting AIDS, tuberculosis, and HIV around the world. Buying products that are marked as Product Red contributes to the Global Fund. You can find out more about Product Red here.

So if you are inspired, step up and step out. There is a world of people working for good waiting to grasp your hand.