December 8, 2008

Playing for Change

There are those times when the problems of the world and the problems of our lives seem almost too big to carry. We may search for a ray of hope, of positive energy. Well, here is one such journey. Playing For Change. Watch this and read on.

From YouTube

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October 21, 2008

In the Land of Stolen Elections

After practicing stealing elections internationally for decades, the technique has been refined in the United States over the last eight years. As we approach another election, there is a possibility of the current elections being stolen as well. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Greg Palast have a must read article in Rolling Stone "Block the Vote" (or here).

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May 21, 2008

Oil Related Files

Video Real Oil Crisis from Catalyst - Australia

Oil Shockwave Simulation Report

Parecon Video

Against Neoliberalism: A Vision of the Future by Michael Albert. 10/2006.

YouTube location

May 6, 2008

Links to articles of interest

These are links to articles that were mentioned in class, and articles related to issues mentioned in class.

UN: Biofuel Production 'Criminal Path' to Global Food Crisis

Multinationals Make Billions In Profit Out of Growing Global Food Crisis

Food price rises are "mass murder": U.N. envoy

Major Arctic sea ice melt is expected this summer

No let up in India farm suicides

Oxygen-poor ocean zones are growing

April 21, 2008

Food Crisis and Globalization

Here is a brief piece from Reuters regarding the current food crisis.

Food price rises are "mass murder": U.N. envoy. Reuters. 4/20/2008.

VIENNA (Reuters) - Global food price rises are leading to "silent mass murder" and commodities markets have brought "horror" to the world, the United Nations' food envoy told an Austrian newspaper on Sunday.

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Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand

This article was mentioned in class. Here is a link to it.

Behind TV Analysts, Pentagon's Hidden Hand. David Barstow. NY Times. 4/20/2008.

Other sites of possible interest:
Corporate Boards and power : They Rule. Provides networks of interlocking directorates and corporate leadership.

Business and Political Leaders, Social network analysis:

Senator Robert Byrd on the Constitution

Senator Robert Byrd on the Constitution. This is part of a speech he gave September 16, 2005 at a Constitution Day celebration.

You tube

The Despotism Scale

This video is from the Internet Archive. It provides scales to determine where societies lies on the democracy to despotism scale. It was produced in 1946 by the Encyclopedia Britainnica.

April 16, 2008

Economics Videos

Michael Albert and Parecon:

at YouTube

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April 8, 2008

China's migrant workforce

As mentioned in class, here is the link to the BBC America Newsnight special report on the fight for employment rights among migrant workers in China.

China's migrant workforce

Recipe for Catastrophe: Climate, Fuel, and Food

By: Rowan Wolf

Food riots turn deadly in Haiti. Food riots fear after rice price hits a high. And so it starts. Globally there has been roughly a 25% increase in food prices. In some areas - such as Haiti - food prices have increased almost 50% in the last year. The poor of the planet who always live on the razor's edge of survival, are getting hit by multiple blows aimed directly at the food supply.

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