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Impossible Architecture (World Bank and poor countries) 9/2006 Social Watch. pdf report

The Globalization Website at Emory University

International Forum on Globalization

ICAAP - Globalization peer reviewed journal

Globalization 101 Carnegie Foundation

Global Policy Forum

Globalization in Focus FPIF

Globalization Studies Network

Essays on Globalization and Neoliberalism from the Monthly Review

Centre for Research on Globalisation

Third World Traveler

Global Policy Network 

Corporate Watch

Public Citizen

UN Development Program

Integrated Regional Information Networks (IRIN)


Relief Web

Global Exchange

Better World - Great links

Globalize This  good links to other sites

Participatory Economics Project

Jude Webber (Reuters 6/16/02) Emergency in Southern Peru  Protests against IMF policy leads to 7 deaths

Pro-globalization and Globalization Institutions

World Bank


Disaster Capitalism. Naomi Klein, Harpers, 10/2007.

Wages and Economy

May 2005 Metropolitan Area Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates Bureau of Labor Statistics

Top 100 Executives by Salary Washington Post, 7/10/06

Top 100 Executives by Total CompensationWashington Post, 7/10/06

Economic Policy Institute 

IMF Says Its Policies Crippled Argentina 7/30/04 Paul Blustein, Wa. Post

At Free Markets and Poverty Full article  Christian E. Weller and Adam Hersh

1/1/02  TAP: Vol 13, Issue 1. Free Markets and Poverty. Christian E. Weller and Adam Hersh.

Arianna Huffington 8/23/02 Scandal Fatigue: Putting The Corporate Crime Wave Into Perspective

Mark Weisbrot Globalization Fails to Deliver the Goods

CEO Greed, Worker Sacrifice Since last September

Oregon Campaign
Link to Anti-27 A campaign with a lot of bucks


Media Bias Report

Journalism's Dangerous Patriotism

Oh fiddle....  Appellate Court Eases Limitations for Media Giants

Shop Till You ... Stop!

Recent Media Decision Imperils Democracy


Researchers Warn of Seed Contamination: Genetically Modified Corn Can Cross-Pollinate with Organically Grown Crops

We're Poisoning Our Children

CRG -- The Basmati Battle And its Implications for Biopiracy and Trips

CRG -- Monsanto Moves to Control Water Resources and Fish Farming

The Environment

Real Oil Crisis video on peak oil from Australia

Opposition Stalls Genetic Profiling Plan for Tonga

Glaciers on Thin Ice: Expert Says Melting to be Faster Than Expected

Goodbye Cruel WorldRifkin on climate change

Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses: Global Warming Blamed

Behind Gold's Glitter: Torn Lands and Pointed Questions NY Times 10/24/05  

4/01/2000, Janet Raloff, Science News, More Waters Test Positive for Drugs

4/03/06 Science Daily, Ocean 'Dead Zones' Trigger Sex Changes In Fish, Posing Extinction Threat

4/12/04 CBS, Zeroing In On Ocean Dead Zones

3/29/04 MSNBC, 150 'dead zones' counted in oceans

Globalization Agreements Information

Scott, Global Policy Network, 11/17/03 The High Price of "free" Trade - NAFTA  

A.C.E.R.A. (Action for Community and Ecology in the Regions of Central America)Feb. 2001.  Freedoms that are Abolished by the FTAA

NAFTA Advisory Commitee on Private Commercial Disputes

Resoulution of International Trade Dispites (Adobe)


Here is a new Chapter 11 case under NAFTA -  Environmentalists Urge Pesticide Fight

The 'Genius of Capitalism'

Globalization Has to Take Human Rights into Account

Usual Suspects: Essay #5

Womens International League for Peace and Freedom -  Globalization Links

Mobilization against the FTAA  Many Oppose Trade Deal

*** New Report on NAFTA Chapter 11 Cases Report is in Adobe PDF format

Wired for Business or Democracy? Internet and democracy

CRG -- IMF/World Bank/Enron/Bush (interview)

** Greg Palast on Joe Stiglitz (former chief economist for the World Bank) The Civilian Toll

     Greg Palast  GATS Got His Tongue

     Greg Palast  Venezuela and Argentina: A Tale of Two Coups

T Christian Miller 8/19/02 Colombia's Drug War Attracts Dubious Ally

Congressman Barry Sanders 8/19/02 $30 Billion IMF Bailout for Brazil is a WIndfall to Banks, Disaster for US Tax Payers

11/17/06 Pfaff, IHT, Broken Promises: Spoils of Globalization go to Corporations, Countries, not Working Poor

Enron and Corporations

How Corporate Law Inhibits Social Responsibility

The Enron Model: A Preamble for the Constitution of the Corporations of the United States

The Enron Scandal: Why Was No One Minding The Store?

Enron's Influence Reached Deep Into Administration (

Top 100 Corporate Criminals of the 1990's

The American Problem Is Domination of Politics by Money

Melanie Warner  (CRG) The Big Guys Work for Carlyle

Corporate Welfare

HR2939 Corporate Welfare Committee

HR1888 Corporate Welfare - Elimination of certain subsidies

Ashcroft Freedom of Information Memorandum FOIA Post (2001): New Attorney General FOIA Memorandum Issued

Global Loans

How the IMF Sank Argentina

Conundrum in Colombia: Backing Both Sides

 World Bank, IMF Threw Colombia Into Tailspin

Heartening things ....

Citibank Targeted by Wave of Student Protests

AlterNet: 12 Things to Do Now About Corporations


Coltan - Cell phones and death

BBC News | AFRICA | Congo's coltan rush

 Guns, Money and Cell Phones

 NPR - Radio Expeditions: Coltan Mining and Eastern Congo's Gorillas (listen to the NPR report)

Privatization of Public Interests

Children are Victims of Privatization, Warns Charity

 Desperate Bolivians Fought Street Battles To Halt A Water-For-Profit Scheme. The World Bank Must Realize Water Is A Basic Human Right

8/20/02 Corporate Capture Next Week's Earth Summit Will Not Only Fail to Tackle the Ecological Crisis. It Will Make It Worse

9/2/02 The Nation Who Owns Water? (1)

9/2/02 Hightower, The Nation Going Down the Road

10/2/02 Molly Ivins, Chicago Tribune, Perils of Capitalism? Think Water Distribution 

Naomi Klein 10/24/01 in the "Canadian Globe" (privitization and the terrorist crisis)  The Real Battle Lines

Economic Information

1/21/04 EPI, Jobs shift from higher paying to lower paying industries 

EPI Welfare Issues Guide  - long list of articles

International Development Issues

Reducing Disaster Risk: A Challenge for Development  UNDP

Human Development Reports - Statistics 

Cultural Liberty in Today's Diverse World HDR Report 2004 by UNDP

Starvation in Niger - Capitalism Not Famine Wolf, Uncommon Thought, 8/11/2005