Group Project Info and Topics

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Thus far, it looks like there are basically three topical areas that the class is interested in.
1. Civil / Constitutional Rights - the impact of the U.S.A. P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and related legislation.
Something to look at: Ante On Private Data Increases Again

2. Corporate influence on political process and legislation.
Something to look at: Over 23,000 Business Leaders Working With FBI and Homeland Security

3. Contemporary U.S. foreign policy and intervention around the world. Includes implementing U.S. worldview and interests internationally.
Some places to start on this one:
Report: U.S. Funding Opposition Groups in Bolivia
US Embassy in Bolivia Tells Fulbright Scholar and Peace Corps Volunteers to Spy on Venezuelans and Cubans in Bolivia
Undermining Bolivia

If you do not already have one, I strongly recommend everyone get a google account and add "Documents" to it. You should then create a document and on the document listing page select "Share." In the email box, you may put my google email [email protected] I will then let you know that I received it.

For working with shared documents, you will put in the email address of everyone in your group. Then anyone in the group can access it add their comments or contributions etc. A revision history is automatically kept as part of the document.

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